Pitbull Guide

Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Five Pitbull Diseases

Nowadays Pitbull terriers are being raised by more households owing to its character of ferociousness. This make the pit bull terriers as a preferred breed among the dog owners. But Pit bulls are more prone for few diseases. It is mandatory for the dog owners to get to know about the top five pitbull diseases.

1. Gastric Disorders

Pit bulls are more prone for these diseases. The dog will go for bloat if it is very active after its meal. The stomach gets twisted and the propulsion of the digested food will be prevented, which in turn lead to gas formation and bloat. Bloat is fatal if unattended in time.

2. Von Willenbrands Disease Type 1

Although this is not common among pitbull's, it is noticed among the pit bull's than any other breed. The affected dog will bleed profusely with no clotting mechanism.

3. Hip Dysplasia

This is one of the top fivc pit bull diseases. As Pit bulls are heavier breed, at 18 months of age, the femur bone (thigh bone) periodically slips out of the pelvis causing extreme pain, but is not fatal. Your vet can easily identify it.

4. Congenital Heart disease

While getting a new pup, immediately subject the pit bull pup for veterinary examination to diagonose whether it is suffering from heart ailments like pericardial disease, PDA (patent ductus arteriosis), and valvular disease.

5. Environmental Allergies

Flea saliva allergy is the most common environmental allergen that causes problem to your pit bull. In addition to this, the pit bulls develop allergies to certain foods, grass, wool, tobacco smoke, and pollen. Your vet can examine the actual cause of the allergy and suggest suitable remedial measure to get out of this condition.

Once you get to know about the pit bull diseases, you can easily prevent the occurrence of the same among your dog.