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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Texas Red Nose Pitbull

Texas red nose pit bulls come under the category of American pit bulls. Except the fact that these dogs are brought up in Texas there exist no difference between the pit bulls that we call as American pit bull and the Texas pit bull. Both these bog breeds possess similar characteristics and body features. Whatever be the name you give it, it shows the same features of the other requiring same amount of care and precautions from your part.

Pit bulls are known as born fighters. Their endurance to pain and courage to fight till death make it to be a fighter dog. Though dog fighting is banned by law, it is still taking place in various parts of the country.

As the very name indicates red pit bulls are the dogs with a red nose. You can identify a red pit bull from other dogs by the color of its nose. If you are a person thinking of bringing a Texas red nose pit bull to your home, it is good to acquire some knowledge about the way they are supposed to be taken care of at home. If they are not properly disciplined from the very childhood, you may find it difficult to control them when they grow. You may also find it difficult to control your dog when you take him out for a walk.

Make sure that you have made all the preparations at your home before you bring a Texas red nose pit bull puppy home. If it is not comfortable, it may destroy everything that comes across it during the initial days of settlement. You can avoid it by settling the puppy in a comfortable place. By nature Texas red nose pit bulls are found to be very inquisitive. If not kept properly they will chew every thing that they see at home. Try to make your home puppy friendly to make him comfortable and friendly with you.

The tendency to chew all that he sees may lead him to trouble. It is always better to keep things like electrical cords wires out of its reach. You can also avoid problems by using plastic fencing or other materials like that to avoid the puppies from getting in to balconies and stair case.

Like all other varieties of pit bull dogs, a Texas red nose pit bull also requires strict training and regular workout. If not allowed to involve in physical activities every day they may become destructive.

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